Tap on the Events button and choose the Casey & Skatie Event in order to begin playing it. You have three days to level up as much as you can in the event and to receive the Pool Toys rewards after the event is finished. The maximum event level is 20, and in order to level up, you need to get as many Green XP points as possible.

Level 5 Volleyballs (or higher items in the same merge chain) drop Medals Level 1 and above. Medals are part of the Casey merge chain and once merged up to Level 4 Suitcase, they start producing Green XP points.

In this event, we have a special item called the Dust Remover that can help you level up. To get the Dust Remover, fill the Mixer with the necessary Watermelon Pieces. Additionally, items that you cannot find on your board can be acquired from the Event Shop.

After 72 hours, the event will end automatically, and you will receive Pool Toys as a reward, the levels of which depend on the Event Level you managed to reach. You need to merge the Pool Toys up to Inflatable Dolphin Level 6 and feed it with a combination of Butterflies and Moths in order to activate it. Then, the Dolphin will drop Flip Flops Level 1 which needs to be merged up to Level 12 to create the Beach Sign.