Once you unlock the Car Hood Ornament task on the Calendar, you can begin to play Lindsay's New York Story.

The main producer for this event is Tower Level 3 which can drop Purse Level 1 and Time Charger Shards. Merging Purses to higher levels will result in producers that drop Hat Boxes Level 1, Jewelry Case Level 2, and Shoe Boxes Level 3.

Shoe Box Level 3 produces Service Bells Level 1. Merging Service Bell to higher levels will get you items that can spawn Green XP stars, which is what you need to progress in this event. Higher-level items of the Hotel Stay merge chain will give you higher levels of Green XP stars.

You have 3 days to complete the event and once you complete it you will receive Make-up Tools. Keep in mind that once the 72 hours are up, the progress on the event restarts.

Each Event Level rewards a certain amount of Make-up Tools which can be merged to create the Large Cosmetic Brush Level 5 producer that drops Lindsay Level 1. To get the Car Hood Ornament, merge Lindsay Level 1 up to Level 11.