The goal of the Ignatius Boulton Event is to get the Stone Can and complete the “Fix Missing Item” task, which will be added to the Ignatius Boulton statue at the front of the Mansion.

Numbers are spawned from the Cash Register from Zero to Six. The numbers are fed into the Wood Chipper to produce Garden Bushes. From these bushes, you can obtain the necessary Garden Furniture to build a Gazebo, which is essential to progress further in the Event and collect Green XP points.

The Gazebo drops New Beginning Level 1 (from the Ignatius Boulton merge chain), which when merged up to Level 12, and as of Level 4, has the ability to produce/spawn the Green XP points.

Completing Level 1 in the event (by collecting 41 XP points in under 3 hours, which is the maximum event time limit) will make you eligible for receiving reward items that are part of the producer that will get you the Stone Can. Keep in mind that after you complete the event, you need to merge your reward items up to Stone Gate Level 6 on your Main Board and create the Stone Can there, so make sure to free up some space!