To play Daily Tasks, press on the Chest to the right of the Mansion screen and that will open your Daily Tasks for the day.
Due to valuable player feedback, Daily Tasks can now be done in any order you like! Once you have a required item - denoted by a blue tick mark - on your Merge Board to complete a task, head over to the Daily Tasks menu to complete the task. The task will be completed when you press the “Claim” button on the Daily Tasks screen. This will remove the item and send the Box that you won to the bottom of your Merge Board.
Once your first task is completed, you can then move onto the next task, where a different item will likely be required. Again, when you get the item on your Merge Board, you will be able to press on “Claim” within the Daily Tasks screen.

If you manage to complete all the tasks, you will then be able to also claim the day’s Daily Box. A day’s work done well!
All Boxes will appear at the bottom of your Merge Board once claimed.
Good luck!