In making Merge Mansion, we did not intend to punish players with dead ends, but especially early on in the game, before unlocking the possibility to sell unwanted items to free up space, it is possible to fill the board completely with items that cannot be merged together. If this happens, you will unfortunately need to restart the game.

Here are the steps to follow in case you want to reset your game and start from the beginning:

1. Go to the Settings of your device.
2. Press on Apps ( there you will find all the apps on your device including Merge Mansion).
3. Go and click on the Merge Mansion app.
4. Press on "Storage". A window should pop-up and you will see the option to Clear Data/Clear Cache.

Alternatively, depending on the device, you might also find the "Clear Data/Clear Cache" here:
Settings->App->Manage App->Merge Mansion->Storage Space->Delete Data.