Account deletion means the permanent deletion of your game account and all of the data associated with it. Deletion requests can be initiated through the app or by contacting our support team. Deletion process can take several days to be completed and once done, it is irreversible.

You are able to start the deletion of your account by going to the in-game 'Settings' menu, select the 'Support' tab and tap the 'Delete Account' button.

If you are unable to start the deletion from the app, you can contact our support team either through the 'Support' button found in the in-game 'Settings' menu or by submitting a request to

In certain cases we reserve the right to ask additional information to verify ownership of the account before initiating account deletion.

If at any point you wish to cancel the deletion request, please make sure to let us know within due time, however we can not guarantee that your account has not been permanently deleted.

You can read our Privacy Notice HERE